Usage rate:
An acidic compound that is fast-absorbing, fast-acting, and gives quick results through foliar spraying, with the possibility of
Using it as irrigation through irrigation networks, and to get excellent results, it is preferable to use it in several repetitions according to need
plant according to the following table

the plant G per 100 l
Water / kg per acre
Fruit vegetables in exposed field agriculture 250-200 2,5-1,50
Fruit vegetables in covered protected agriculture 250-150 2-1,50
Storage vegetables (potatoes, carrots, onion, chone, turn, garlic, sweet potatoes, radish) 250-200 3-1,50
Winter vegetables 250-200 2,5-1,50
Watermelon, Al -Qawoun (Sham) and cabbage 250-200 3-1,50
Apples (apples, pears, quince, hawthorn)
And almonds (apricots, peach, armor, cherry, almonds, jersec)
250-150 4-2,50
Citrus, olives and pistachios 250-150 5- 2,50
Grapes, me, stray and berries 250-150 3- 1,50
Industrial crops (cotton, soy, sesame, corn, sunflower) 250-150 2,5-1,50
Pills and legumes (wheat, poetic, beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas …) 250-150 2,5-1,50