Crystal enrichment rich in potassium and magnesium, fortified with amino acids
Seaweed Special for Foliar Spray (FOLIAR)
Vital properties:
High potassium mineral fertilizer in a distinctive form as a chelate on carboxylic acid.
It is fortified with an organic substance with a high concentration of plant-based amino acids.
Its unique formula helps to loosen and scale while maintaining the strength and integrity of the plant.
It is used to increase the size of tubers, bulbs and fruits and to improve taste, color and quality
The presence of silicon helps to enhance the role of potash in resisting various stresses.
Chemical analysis:

Parchment Focus w/w
Potassium (K2O) 32 %
Magnazium (MG) 1.2 %
Marine herbs (Weeds SEA) 5 %
Amino acid (acids amino) 5 %

Usage rate:
It is used on all kinds of crops, vegetables and fruit trees.
Foliar spray: 200-300 grams / 100 liters of water, depending on the size, nature and type of crop.