Vital properties:
A chelated carboxylic powder with a high concentration of chelates of zinc, iron and manganese with boron and copper.
In addition to a very high concentration of carboxylic magnesium chelates, fortified with molybdenum.
It is used in order to increase production and improve yields with high efficiency and tangible quality.
It is also used to prevent the appearance of symptoms of deficiency of elements and to treat diseases resulting from their deficiency.
Chemical analysis:

Iron Shalls (Edta-FE ( 6%
Zinc Shats (Edta-Zn) % 4
Carboxil-MGO (Carboxil-MGO) % 9
Copper Shall (Edta-Cu) % 1.5
Boron (B2O3) % 4.5
Molibidonium (mo) % 0.01
(MN-Edta) Mengenez % 4
Acid Carboxilic (Acid Carboxilic) % 10

Usage rate:
Rotana is used on all plants in both open and protected cultivation. Alone or mixed with pesticides and fertilizers
Non-alkaline (to be mixed) at least once, on a large number of crops by spraying (the best spray).
And watering (tasks of a variety of irrigation methods) according to the following table:

the plant Water per acre / kg g/ 100 for water Water Number of transactions
Industrial crops, vegetables, potatoes, onions and garlic 125-50 400-200
Yellow and white corn and fodder crops 100-50 300-150
Fruitful trees 50-25 150-50 Water for every tree