Vital properties:
Humic and fulvic acids have a strong and direct effect on plants and soil, as concentrated organic acids increase
In Humax fertilizer, it increases the percentage of germination, cell division, and accelerates growth, as it works to increase the concentration of elements
nutrients inside the plant, thus increasing production and improving its quality, as well as helping the plant to form healthy and strong roots,
In addition, it improves plant growth in various types of soils, especially poor and saline soils
The plant’s ability to absorb and transport various nutrients as affected by Humax.
In the acidity of the soil and its regulatory capacity and fertility, and works to supply the plant with nutrients liberated from
organic compounds during their decomposition, as well as supplying microorganisms with energy and the elements necessary for their improvement
vitality and activity
The concentrated acids in Humax also contribute to an increase in the biological activity within the spread area
The roots are rich in humic and fulvic acid, ACID FULVIC & ACID HUMIC
It is also rich in some beneficial microorganisms that activate vital processes, in addition to being considered one of the
Natural amendments that work as a soil conditioner and as a catalyst and vital stimulant for plants and microorganisms.

Usage rate:

the plant Kg per acre clarification
Fruits 3.5
The rate of use varies according to plant density, previous crops and accompanying transactions
Leafy vegetables 2.5
Grains 2.5
Legumes 4
Fodder 4
Corn, cotton and beacon 5
Fruitful trees 0.5-5 Tree