Vital properties:
A mineral complex rich in nitrogen and calcium with silicon to provide the plant with a high concentration of the necessary elements
for tempering and hardness.

1- Calcium chelated acid.
2- A high concentration of quickly absorbed nitrogen.
3- Because of its calcium and silicon content, it works to increase hardness and raise the percentage of dry matter
And improve the ability to withstand stress.
4- Silicon makes the cell walls more solid and thus more resistant to the penetration of fungi and bacteria; And it becomes
The plant is highly resistant to pests and stress of all kinds.
5- To protect plants from some physiological diseases, especially pink tip rot.
6- To improve the structure of the reindeer and its physical properties.
7 – To increase the thickness of the fruit bearings, and reduce the falling of the fruits.

Usage rate:

Use Kg per acre
Work in the soil or put inheritance next to the lines or around the points 5-2