BAYBARS 11-11-11+11+TE

Vital properties:
A metal fertilizer with a balanced composition of the major elements (NPK) with a high concentration of organic matter and sulfur
A homogeneous compound, easy to use, free of sodium and heavy elements harmful to plants.
Thanks to its slow and gradual solubility, the plant takes advantage of the nutrients throughout the growing season, and absorbs them
gradually as needed.
It increases productivity and improves quality while preserving soil fertility.
Supplying the plant with essential elements with excellent field efficiency

Usage rate:

It is used before planting or when preparing the land for planting seeds, seedlings or plants, and for fruit trees it is
It is used from the end of winter until before the buds open, and it must be well buried in the soil. It is preferable to adhere to the rates
standard according to the following table:

the plant Kg per acre
Leafy and fruit vegetables 65-35
Grains (wheat -corn -poetic -smoking -Al -Shmil -Ouvan) 25-50
Fruitful trees Kg for each tree 5-1
Drill, onion, oil, industrial and aromatic crops 25-75