Vital properties:
Nano-silicone complex with salicylic acid and microelement chelates.
Helps control a large number of insect, fungal and bacterial pests.
With an increase in plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
In addition to stimulating growth, stimulating flowering, and strengthening knots.
It also works to increase the effectiveness of pesticides.
Nano silicon also works to increase the thickness of the leaves and increase the density of capillaries on the leaves and increase their hardness and
Its length hinders the laying of eggs by insects, and also hinders the activity of larvae and fungi, and makes the plants more bearable.
environmental stress factors, especially high temperatures and frost,
It also increases the effectiveness of the acquired systemic resistance (RESISTANCE ACQUIRED SYSTEMIC (SAR).
And it works to stimulate it in plants when attacked by many pathogens, as this leads to
To produce proteins that help plants resist pests and are essential products in green agriculture

Usage rate:
From 100-50 g / 100 liters, depending on the type and nature of the crop.