Potassium thiosulfate with boron and molybdenum, a powerful bleaching and coloring compound
Vital properties:
Potassium thiosulfate compound for rapid whitening, natural coloring, and improvement of uniformity and homogeneity of the treated products, with an increase
Firmness and storage and marketing ability helps to fill the fruits and improve their sizes, and also contributes to improving the artificiality of fruits.
Proteins and sugars and increase their accumulation inside the fruit
Usage rate:

the plant Water per acre / kg g/ 100 for water Water/ ml per acre
Fruits 100-50 500-200
Leafy vegetables 150-75 250-100
Grains and legumes 150-50 250-100
Corn, cotton, beacon and industrial crops 150 750-250
Fruitful trees 175-125 1500-750