Free amino acids with seaweed, fortified with trace elements and nitrogen
Vital properties and benefits:
AMINOFORT is an organic, plant-based fertilizer rich in seaweed and free amino acids, containing organic nitrogen from
Amino acids, microelements, auxins and cytokines from seaweed improve vegetative and root growth
It increases the percentage of flowering and knots and reduces fruit drop. It is absorbed, metabolized and transported easily through transport vessels.
It provides plants with the basic elements they need to manufacture carbohydrates and proteins, and thus increases the size of the fruit
And its colors improve, it restores the natural balance of the plant and protects it from heat, dust and radiation stress, it increases the plant’s ability
On strong healthy growth, which means an increase in greenery, flowering, nodes, fruiting, and strengthens and enhances the effectiveness of pesticides.
Fungal, insect and herbaceous, as well as fertilizers and fertilizers mixed with it, activates the self-defense mechanism against pests,
Diseases, harsh and stressful weather conditions, enhance flavour, color and taste and increase the amount of vitamins and minerals
in the resulting fruit
Chemical Analysis L/G:

Total organic matters 65%
Seaweed: 3,90%
Alginic acid: 1,30%
Total amino acids: 13-20%
Free amino acids: 5,30%
Humic & Fulvic Acid: 2.6%
Organic nitrogen: 3.5 %
Two nitrogenous metals: 6%
Potassium: 5,20%
Phosphorus: 1,30%

Usage rate:

the plant Water per acre / kg g/ 100 for water Water
Fruit 150-100 0.50-0.25
saksı, grapes and strawberries 125-100 0.35-0.15
The seedlings, vegetables and ritual flowers 100-50 0.50-0.25
Industrial 150-125 0.65-0.35
Field crops 100-75 0.50-0.25