High phosphorus mineral suspension with boron fortified with magnesium and molybdonium
Vital properties:
Highly phosphorous concentrated mineral acid gel, equipped with a fast-absorbing, highly effective formula, phosphorus chelated
A carboxylic organic base to accelerate foliar uptake and to accelerate efficacy. It is used on most plants to stimulate flowering
And to stimulate nodes in vegetables and trees, and to increase ovulation in potatoes / sweet potatoes, Mazhar Plus works to stimulate the roots
(cupping, penetration and absorption), it also works to enhance the vitality of pollen grains, and improve vegetative, root and fruit growth,
Mazhar Plus is used to improve grain ripening, to increase the size of the spikes, and to fix the fruiting nodes in all plants.
Usage rate:
It is used on all types of crops, vegetables and fruit trees.
Foliar spray: 100 ml / 100 liters of water, according to the size, type and nature of the crop.
With irrigation water: 1-2 liters / acre, according to the size, type and nature of the crop.