Organic fertilizer, nematode and fungicide FUNGICIDE&NEMATOCIDE&NUTRITION
Vital properties:
A complex that supports plants and combats a large number of pests, consisting of carboxylic acids of a phenolic nature, which works to regulate
Numerous physiological processes including promoting flowering, stimulating contractility, stimulating growth, and regulating electrolyte uptake
Mineral, hormonal balance and control of the movement of the water stomata and respiratory cam play important roles in regulation
Plant response to environmental, salt, drought, and thermal stress conditions…)
In addition to the strong and direct impact on a large number of fungi and nematodes

chemical content:
Brioxy exetic acid with vitamins and organic acids, fortified with silicones and sugar alcohols

Usage rate:
Foliar spray at a rate of 50-100 ml/100 liters of water, according to the type and nature of the crop.
Irrigation is used to control soil fungi, especially wilting and rot fungi, at a rate of 500 ml/decar, and to control nematodes.
At a rate of 5.1 liters / decar, and to stimulate plant growth and revitalize it at a rate of 400 ml / decar. It can be used repeatedly according to the needs of the plant
Soil quality every 7-14 days.

To combat the following fungal genera:

To combat nematodes:

Root-knot nematode (MELOIDOGYNE SP)