Organic silicone (distributing adhesive)

Vital properties:
An organic silicone compound used with pesticides to increase their effectiveness and improve their absorption, spread and adhesion to leaves
and plant surfaces treated

The benefits of the compound:
Increasing the effectiveness of pesticides by improving their spread, absorption and adhesion on leaves
Reducing the surface tension of the spray solution and thus reducing the rolling of the droplets of the solution on the leaves of plants, especially the waxy ones
And berries (pistachios, figs, berries, pomegranates, tropical fruits, bananas, palm trees, grapes, roses, pears and apples
Quince, citrus fruits, olives, pomegranate, cactus…)
Lowering the pH of the spray solution and thus improving the effectiveness of the pesticides by reducing the hardness of the water
Improving the spread of pesticides (insect – fungal – mites) and increasing plant absorption and adhesion to
Treated plant surfaces
Increasing the spread and adhesion of herbicides (annual – perennial – electoral)

Usage rate:
It is used on all plants, and within the two types of open or covered cultivation, as a spray on the shoots alone or
Mixed with pesticides, fertilizers and fertilizers at a rate of 50-100 ml / 100 liters of water.